Recycle Shingles

From Roofs to Roads

Roof shingles account for more than 11 million tons of landfill waste each year.

Tidewater Green is working to save the environment by reducing the debris that ends up in landfills, clogging them and posing environmental degradation.

The single most recycled material in the world is asphalt (RAP). Tidewater Green will grind up asphalt shingles and recycle them into coffee-like grinds and sell the final material to asphalt mixers as a supplement – thus enhancing the performance of asphalt roads.


There are 2.7 millions roads in the U.S.
  • 94% of them are surfaced with asphalt
Less than 5% of the shingles torn off roofs are recycled.

Tidewater Green is the first company in Virginia committed to these recycling efforts. We accept tear-off roofing material, pick out the paper, plastic, wood and metal and grind the remaining felt paper and shingles.

One ton of shingles = two barrels of oil

Not only is this a more eco-friendly solution, it is much more cost effective to both the roofing companies as well as asphalt mixers.

Virginia’s Department of Transportation (VDOT) is currently researching the use of waste shingles in hot-mix asphalt applications.

The VDOT has a Special Provision that allows the use of recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) under specified conditions.

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